You focus on taste,
We will do the rest

You focus on taste,
We will do the rest

System designed and developed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs

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Streamline and simplify your front-of-house operations

βœ“ Enhance customer experience with an integrated POS, Kiosk, Customer Signage and Branded App.

βœ“ Receive orders directly from UberEats, JustEats and Deliveroo straight to Kitchen Display

βœ“ Payments are fully integrated with all major credit card providers.

βœ“ Conversational Ordering screen makes it easier for staff to take orders, and encourages cross and upselling

βœ“ Update menu items across POS devices, Online platforms, digital menu screens, websites, and mobile apps in real time

βœ“ Keep an eye on your top-selling (and least popular) menu items with product and category reports

βœ“ Control signage to display and change menus, show order status, and share social media feeds and customer content

βœ“ Personalise your service with rich customer data and spot new business opportunities using rich reporting tools

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Inventory Management

Prevent shortages, waste, overspend and theft with real-time inventory management

βœ“ Plan and budget menu items, ingredients, nutrition and preparations

βœ“ Discover your true food costs and improve profitability with an item-by-item cost breakdown of each item on your menu and real-time food cost reports

βœ“ Automatically reduce inventory stock levels in real-time as soon as in-house and online orders are received

βœ“ Get accurate, real-time inventory with COGs, variance, inventory, purchasing and profitability reports in one place.

βœ“ Review suggested order quantities based on sales forecasts, historical usage, and PAR levels

βœ“ Submit purchase orders directly to your supplier, check status and manage your vendors from anywhere, with automatic reconciliation for deliveries

βœ“ Clearly identify allergen information directly on your ePOS

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“Best thing about Jinoby is, it is now allowing us to have operational efficiencies across the business”

Tom Corcoran

UK Operations Manager

Food Safety

Remain compliant with regulations, keep your customers safe and protect your reputation.

βœ“ Complete cleaning, operational or opening / closing checks digitally

βœ“ Log the correct temperatures for products and appliances

βœ“ Keep detailed records of appliances and schedule servicing

βœ“ Comply with HACCP regulations. Plan and check tasks. Store report

βœ“ Act proactively with alerts for any hazard situation

βœ“ Prompt new and existing teams to complete the right task at the right time, no training needed

βœ“ Keep customers happy and healthy by preventing undesirable events

βœ“ Protect your reputation and brands by ensuring all safety checks are in place

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Plan staffing based on projected sales

βœ“ Control staffing costs with real-time data on forecasted sales vs wages

βœ“ Share your rota instantly with your team

βœ“ Allow employees to set their own availability and swap shifts based on scheduling rules

βœ“ Handle changes and replacements instantly

βœ“ Spot opportunities for labour efficiencies by analysing data with rich reporting tools

βœ“ Track employee performance with labour and shift reports

βœ“ Employees can apply for holidays through the system, giving you the control to approve or disapprove

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“Best thing about Jinoby is ability to track the cost of each individual ingredient.”

George Leighton

Area Manager


Manage the digital experience from your laptop

βœ“ Display your menu even control what menu to display for time of day.

βœ“ Gain brand loyalty: Display your social media feeds to gain more followers and generate social proof.

βœ“ Showcase images and videos posted by happy customers.

βœ“ Spur on-the-spot sales while customers wait in line using easy-to-edit digital menu boards for restaurants.

βœ“ Let the customers and delivery drivers know about their order status

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Branded Ordering App

Drive customer engagement and increase sales

βœ“ Provide a smooth, big brand navigation experience

βœ“ Drive customer loyalty with your own branded app and communicate directly with them

βœ“ Simple-to-use loyalty scheme feature allows customers to earn and redeem reward points from their app

βœ“ Run special promotions, deals and voucher offers for loyal customers

βœ“ Allow orders, delivery and click and collect with payment taken direct through the app

βœ“ Save money and avoid third-party fees by managing your own takeaway and delivery.

βœ“ Adapt to your customers’ changing habits and meet them online

βœ“ Reach out to the customer through in-app messaging

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“Before using Jinoby, it was difficult to manage all the online orders from Deliveroo, UberEats and JustEat.”

Yaser Shahzad



Reach out to the customer through in-app messaging

βœ“ Create, manage and monitor promotions and offers for any location at any time

βœ“ Monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns in real time

βœ“ Manage your customer accounts, keep in touch and reconnect with them at the touch of a button

βœ“ Retain customers with loyalty points, voucher codes and discounts, and allow them to view their reward activity in real time

βœ“ Engage with customers through targeted, data-driven marketing campaigns to boost your overall customer satisfaction

βœ“ Reach out to customers with special offers over SMS or in-app messaging

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Document Portal

Never misplace an important document again

βœ“ Digitise your documents and move to a totally paperless workflow

βœ“ Share files and contents securely with the right people

βœ“ Access your documents from anywhere anytime

βœ“ Control who sees which documents, and when

βœ“ Store SOPs, notices and operating manuals in the Cloud and manage all locations consistently

βœ“ Create a recipe repository to ensure consistency across multiple locations

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Account Management

Complete visibility and control of your finances – wherever you are

βœ“ Track income and expenses

βœ“ Manage chart of accounts

βœ“ Attach invoices and bills

βœ“ Manage expenses and recurring bills

βœ“ Calculate real-time P/L reports using incurred and accrued expenses

βœ“ Integrates with popular accounting packages including Quickbooks and Xero

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Simplify every area of your restaurant’s operations with effortless technology

βœ“ Diversify your restaurant’s offering with integrations for delivery, takeaway and order-at-table

βœ“ One platform to run your front of house and back of house

βœ“ Save hours updating spreadsheets and apps by managing all from a single system

βœ“ Boost efficiency and order accuracy with self-ordering integrations

βœ“ Manage all your locations in one system

βœ“ Scale with a fully-featured solution you’ll never outgrow

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